Square Braid Wick Size Selection Quiz - Getting Started

Premium Craft Square Braid Cotton Candle Wick Selection Guide

Need help selecting a Premium Craft Square Braid Cotton Candle Wick for your candle? Use this wick size selection wizard to find out what size Square Braid Wick you need for your candle. Follow the steps below to get started!

To get started: Tell us a little bit about what kind of candle you're making. Square Braid wicks were originally designed for the viscosity of beeswax candles but they can still be used with paraffin and vegetable waxes such as coconut, soy and palm waxes too.

What type of wax will makeup the majority of your candle? 


I'm making a pure beeswax candle My candle may have a blend of waxes, or use a single vegetable wax but beeswax will NOT be a major component of the waxes used


We want our customers to be keenly aware of the fact that candle making is more art than science due to endless variables being involved in getting the formulation just right. Blends with less viscous waxes like coconut or paraffin require the user to use thinner wicks while pure beeswax candles require thicker wicks. Multiple factors have the biggest impact on the end result, such as the quality and purity of the wax used, the wax blend, the type of container used as well as the material that the container is made from.

Due to the factors above, our recommendations are a good starting point but are not absolute. Experimenting with different wick combinations is strongly encouraged to find the most suitable product for your application.