PremiumCraft Liquid Candle Dye Concentrate Yellow

PremiumCraft Liquid Candle Dye Concentrate Yellow

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  • Concentrated Liquid Candle Dye
  • Each candle dye colors 22 pounds of candle wax to medium shade
  • Can be combined to produce a variety of colors
  • Each pack includes the following colors: Yellow
  • Made in USA


Liquid dyes are highly concentrated wax colorants. Typical dye amount used per pound of wax is 5 drops for 0.05% medium shade. Each bottle colors 22 pounds of wax to 0.05% shade or 111 pounds of wax at 0.01% shade.


Add 5 drops of dye to fully melted wax for a color level of 0.05%. Stir well. Use more or less dye if desired. Results may vary. Experimenting is strongly encouraged for best results. Not for use in cosmetics.