PremiumCraft Square Braid Cotton Candle Wick - #3/0, Tabbed, Waxed (50 Count)

PremiumCraft Square Braid Cotton Candle Wick - #3/0, Tabbed, Waxed (50 Count)

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  • Size #3/0
  • For MEDIUM diameter candles
  • 100% Natural Cotton
  • Primed with natural wax (beeswax), tabbed with 20mm x 6mm metal sustainer. Lead-free, zinc-free!
  • 50 count (8 inches long, each). Ready to use!
  • Thickness (approximate): 1.80 mm
  • Made in USA


This PremiumCraft pre-tabbed, pre-waxed and pre-cut square braid wick lineup removes the hassle of preparing the wicks for use yourself. Enjoy the same high quality product as the raw, un-tabbed version without the extra steps.

Square braid wicks were originally designed for the viscosity of beeswax candles, however, they can still be used for soy and paraffin creations as well. Our primed, waxed and cut candle wicks are ready to use. They have been primed with a natural wax (beeswax), tabbed with a 20mm x 6mm metal sustainer and have been pre-cut to the length of 8 inches. Candle making is more art than science. Test burning candles using various wick sizes is recommended to determine the right size wick for your particular application. Experiment, it's part of the fun!

PremiumCraft pre-tabbed wicks are made using all natural materials. White or yellow beeswax may be used interchangeably for priming based on availability. Color variation between batches is normal. This does not affect performance or burning characteristics.


Follow instructions on the label prior to use. Total count per package is 50 pre-waxed, pre-tabbed, and pre-cut square braided, cotton candle wicks.

The first burn of a candle is important in setting the pace for how the candle will burn every other time that it's lit. When you light your candle for the very first time, make sure that it burns long enough to melt the wax all the way to the outer edge. This may take several hours. The general rule of thumb is to let the candle burn for approximately an hour per every inch of diameter. It's also important to not overtrim the wick length every time the candle is lit. A wick that's trimmed too short will not allow the candle to burn hot enough and may cause tunneling. A wick that is not trimmed far enough could cause the candle to burn too hot and may cause smoking.